About Urban Eden

We offer a bespoke service tailored to meet the needs of your garden or landscape.

A typical specification would include:

  • Trimming & shaping of hedges. Cuttings collected and removed
  • Keeping all borders and tree pits weed free and tidy
  • Dead heading of flowering plants to be undertaken throughout the growing season or as required
  • Hard surfaces and paths to be kept weed free and tidy
  • Planters kept weed free and fed and watered as required
  • Fallen leaves and litter collected and removed
  • Pests and Diseases will be reported and acted on accordingly
  • Mowing and edging of all lawns. Cuttings collected and removed
  • Annual lawn weed and feed application or as required
  • Pruning of roses and shrubs as befits each individual species
  • Pruning of basal and trunk growth and overhanging branches on trees up to a height of eight feet
  • Hanging baskets and planters kept weed free and fed as required
  • Watering of hanging baskets/planters etc not serviced by an installed irrigation system to be carried out whilst onsite
  • Watering of raised beds/planters

We are fully insured for public liability.